At   Mudpie   we   do   not   have   *studio   fee’s   and   all   you   pay   for   is   your   pottery.    We   have   items starting   from   £7.00   for   a   coaster   to   around   £85.00   for   our   more   humongous   pieces   and   we have items for pretty much every price range in between to suit all pockets.      We   constantly   change   our   stock   to   keep   it   interesting   for   our   regulars   and   have   way   too many   items   to   mention   individually.   This   means   we   do   not   have   a   price   ‘List’   as   such.    Clearly we   would   be   constantly   amending   it   therefore all   the   prices   are   written   underneath   each individual piece of pottery.      Please   feel   free   to   come   in   and   have   a   look.    We   are   very   happy   for   you   to   do   so.     As   well   as not having studio fee’s, our prices are well below the recommended retail price.      We   highly   recommend   that   if   you   are   on   a   budget,   to   give   your   child   a   maximum   spend before   arrival,   so   they   do   not   go   for   the   larger   items.    There   is   plenty   for   them   to   do   for   £10 and   under.   It   is   recommended   that   on   your   first   visit   your   child   picks   from   the   £10   and   under shelves so they can get use to painting ceramics.          *If   you   do   not   finish   on   the   day,   a   studio   fee   of   £5   will   be   added   on   the   day   if   you   need   to return   to   paint   it.    Pieces   left   must   be   finished   within   2   weeks.    For   this   reason   please   allow   at least 2 hours for painting smaller items and even longer for larger pieces.