Pottery Painting - ages  0 - 100. No artistic ability or experience required! Please allow 2 - 3 hours!  How it works     Once you walk into Mudpie we allocate you a table and leave you to select your pottery.  The price is underneath each piece and that is all you pay.      There are buckets full of brushes, pick what you need and we meet you at the table to give you a short explanation on how to achieve the best results.  We also explain the use of our tools if you are going to use them.  Please ask a member of staff, we will be happy to help.     You’re ready to go!  Paint it directly or sketch it out using a pencil first (please do this lightly), your pencil marks will not show once the piece is fired. You can use stencils, silkscreens, stickers, stamps, sponges to create something awesome.     Try and give it 3 coats for a solid colour if this is the effect you wish. Let it dry in between coats.  When painting a colour on top of another it’s best to do a light colour first then a darker on top. Unless you would like a translucent effect.     You will be painting with coloured glazes.  These are safe non-toxic, food safe and they do not stain clothes.     Once you are done, leave everything you have used on the table, including your pottery and come to the counter to pay and leave us your details so we can send you a text when your masterpieces are ready to collect.      You are done!  Leave it for us to professionally glaze and fire your piece to make it vibrant and shiny.  It will be ready for you to collect in 5-7 days.      Please note: As the paint dries the colours will look very pale, please do not worry. This is suppose to happen and the glazes will become very vibrant in the kiln. It’s a bit of magic.   
Pottery Painting